The Long Road Home: B-17G 44-83814

There was never a question that a B-17 Flying Fortress should be the centerpiece of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum’s exhibits. Judge Ben Smith, a Georgia native, World War II 8th Air Force veteran, and author of the 8th Air Force classic, “Chick’s Crew,” urged 8th Air Force museum planners to seek out and secure rights to a B-17 because of that aircraft’s importance to the story of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. The B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-24 Liberator were the chariots that took the Mighty Eighth into battle. A real B-17, not just a picture or replica, had to be included in the history of the men of the Eighth Air Force in Europe.


Bringing Her Home

A narrated slideshow of the acquisition, disassembly, transport, reassembly, and first year's restoration of the City of Savannah.