About Us

This B17 restoration project consists of a wide variety of volunteers committed to restoring our Flying Fortress, the City of Savannah. Collectively, we the City of Savannah volunteers, have bonded into an incredible team that is very proud of what we have accomplished. We are retired tradesmen, flight crew, executives, academics, engineers, and military working along with currently employed aviation professionals, military personnel, and high school students. Some of us have no other qualification than a passion for aviation. We are father and son teams, passing on skills and providing family bonding experiences. We are a husband and wife team contributing to administrative needs as well as work on the airplane. The diversity of the Savannah community has provided us with a workforce that has been able to rise to all the challenges that we have faced. The support of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum management, and the museum's Board of Directors, along with the advice and contributions of the national B-17 Co-Op, and other friends we have made in the American B-17 community, have enabled us to evolve from a group of three museum archives transplants into an organization of almost 50 volunteers who are dedicated to making the City of Savannah the best B-17 static display in the world.

Our efforts are dedicated to the men and women of the 8th AF who served during WWII. They are our heroes.

The City of Savannah project is an initiative of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum and is housed in the museum's Combat Gallery. The project is funded primarily through individual and corporate donations as well as the annual Flying Fortress 5K race. Many of our donations are in the form of equipment and services from the national corporate community. Please view our list of Corporate Sponsors, including Gulfstream, LMI, and Chroma Corporation in the Honors section of this site.

Restoration Organizational Chart