A Tail of Two "Cities"

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum welcomed the B-17, serial number 44-83814, to Savannah on Jan. 15, 2009. Today, the airplane occupies a place of honor in the museum’s Combat Gallery. It also has a new name—the City of Savannah. The story of how the airplane arrived at its permanent home in the gallery, and how it got its name is really two stories... Read More >>

The Original City of Savannah

The excerpts below are from an article in the Savannah Morning News dated December 3, 1944 concerning the ceremonial naming of B-17G tail number 43-39049 as The City of Savannah.




Ample transportation to Hunter Field for the ceremonies this afternoon when the Flying Fortress The City of Savannah will be christened will be provided by the Savannah Electric and Power Company… Guests who go by private car will be admitted to the field through Gate #1 at the end of Montgomery Street…

Final arrangements for the affair were completed yesterday and a large number of Savannahiains [sic] are expected to avail themselves of the opportunity of attending the ceremony and inspecting one of the Army Air Forces important installations…

Due to the unexpected demand for tickets the ceremony today, Hunter Field officials have announced that those who have been unable to obtain tickets admitting them to the field will be permitted to enter the Montgomery Street gate upon presentation of a bond purchased during the Sixth War Loan…

Lieutenant Ralph W. Kittle, of Ringold, Georgia, pilot of The City of Savannah, will be introduced to the guests and will in turn introduce the various members of the plane’s crew.

... following the ceremony… Lieutenant Kittle will taxi the giant Flying Fortress to the end of the runway. In full view of the spectators The City of Savannah will be lifted into the air and leave Hunter Field to join the thousands of other planes already in combat.